Deb Eddy

Board Member

Deb Eddy has been active in government and civic affairs for over 30 years, including three terms in the Washington State Legislature. During her tenure there, Deb focused on local government, transportation, technology and energy issues, and served as a legislative member of the board of directors of the Municipal Research and Services Center, Pacific Northwest Economic Region and Puget Sound Regional Council’s Transportation Policy Board. Most recently, Deb has been consulting on a variety of public policy issues with local and state governments, including major projects for the King County Council and for the Oregon legislature.

Prior to her legislative service, she worked on regional transportation issues as a fellow at the Cascadia Center in Seattle and worked at PRR, Inc., a Seattle public affairs firm. In the 1990s, she served as a councilmember and a mayor of Kirkland and was on the board of Suburban Cities (now Sound Cities) Association, representing cities on a variety of regional boards and commissions. Later on, she served as executive director of Suburban Cities Association, helping regional governments find agreement on a variety of issues, including housing targets, endangered species recovery and jail contract administration. She has a continuing interest in the challenges and opportunity presented by multi-jurisdictional urban areas; she developed a course for Seattle University School of Law focused on the legal framework that governs urban problem-solving.

Deb received her law degree from the University of North Carolina and an undergraduate degree in journalism and public relations from West Virginia University. She is an inactive member of the Washington State Bar Association.