Appeal Process

The Growth Management Hearings Board (GMHB) assists local governments and the State of Washington in managing growth by providing a pathway for appeals arising from the Growth Management Act (RCW 36.70A).


Initial Appeal – Petition for Review to a GMHB panel

The threshold, or first appeal, is the Petition for Review brought to the appropriate regional GMHB panel – (Eastern WA, Western WA, Central Puget Sound) by a city, county, individual citizen, neighborhood group, community organization, environmental organization, or other entity of the public. Appropriate subject matter for these petitions for review can be found at RCW 36.70A.280. There is a 180-day timeline controlling the appeal. Rules of practice and procedure before the GMHB may be found at WAC 242.03.

Click below to see the sequences of the case timelines for each region:



Secondary Appeal – from GMHB Decision

If a party is dissatisfied with the Final Decision and Order of a GMHB, an appeal of that decision may be made to a Superior Court. Please see WAC 242.03.970.